Diamond Sulf

Insoluble Sulfur
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DIAMOND SULF is an amorphous form of Sulfur in Polymeric form in contrast to the natural Sulfur which is Crystalline and monomeric in nature. The polymeric chains of DIAMOND SULF consist of several thousand micro fine sulfur particles. The product is thus rendered insoluble in all known solvents and also in Rubber Compounds and does not take part in cross linking reaction like Natural Sulfur as long as it is in Polymeric form.

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Manufacture of Tyres and different types of Rubber articles like Belts, Hoses and other goods wherein long compound storage, prevention of premature vulcanisation, superior adhesion and green tack and use of various reinforcements are pre-requisites for manufacturing superior quality products.


DIAMOND SULF demonstrates all the features expected from the finest quality Insoluble Sulfur.

A polymeric sulfur that is insoluble in elastomers, DIAMOND SULF is completely non-blooming : an ideal vulcanizing agent for unsaturated elastomers.

It is particularly suitable for use in compounds where sulfur loading levels are required above the sulfur solubility rating of particular elastomers.

DIAMOND SULF offers a single point solution to multiple processing problems, viz,

  • prevents bin scorching
  • Eliminates sulfur bloom
  • Ensures uniform dispersion
  • Prevents sulfur migration
  • Facilitates optimum curing every time
  • Preserves building-tack
  • Improves bonding between rubber to rubber as also with dissimilar reinforcement material.

DIAMOND SULF is available in various Grades to cater to different customer requirements:

  1. Regular Grades
  2. High Stability Grades
  3. Special Grades


Standard available packaging options:

  • 20/25 Kg Paper/HDPE Bags on pallets

  • 500 Kg big bag on pallets

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Diamond Sulf

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